Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Rods

Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Rods are a fun and festive Valentine’s Day treat. Using Vanilla CANDIQUICK and large conversation candy hearts, these are easy to prepare and the kids love help putting these arrows together. Beware they may just eat a few along the way, and may you too (I did).
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I love Valentine’s Day. And not because I am much of a romantic, seriously. I grew out of the let’s get all romantic on Valentine’s after child #3 and we have 5. Instead, my husband and I do a “Valentine’s Day” every weekend, we do not miss date night. But for my kids Valentine’s Day is a big deal. They get so excited, making Valentine’s treats for their friends, not just little paper hearts, like hours in the kitchen treats. My girls, Jordan and Jersey already have their class Valentine’s done, labeled and signed, they finished them this weekend. And while they are super excited to take them in and give them to their friends, we still have a couple of weeks to go.

So instead, I decided to make a few simple and easy Valentine’s Day themed treats that they can share, until the special day where they hand out their actual Valentine.

The cute printable is fun and easy to cut out and place on the end, the opposite end of the conversation heart “arrowhead”.

Have fun and let those around you know how much they mean to you this LOVE fest season.

Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Rods

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 32

Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Rods

These Cupid’s Arrow Pretzel Rods are a fun and festive Valentine’s Day treat.



Layout a large piece of parchment paper on counter top to place dipped pretzel rods on, a 2 feet section should be fine.

Melt Vanilla CANDIQUICK according to package directions. Pour in melted almond bark/chocolate into a pint sized mason jar, if you have chocolate left over, just leave it on the CANDIQUICK tray. Reheat as needed, but you shouldn't need to do this.

One pretzel rod at a time, dip the top 1/3 of the pretzel rod into the melted Vanilla CANDIQUICK, tap gently on the cup or bowl to remove the excess chocolate. Carefully as to not break the rods, I did that a few times.

Lightly cover the dipped pretzel rod with sprinkles, as pictured.

Lay dipped and sprinkled pretzel rod on parchment paper and repeat with the remaining pretzel rods.

Once all the rods are completed and the chocolate has hardened.

Pick up one large conversation candy heart, frost or add some Vanilla CANDIQUICK to the front of the heart, the side with the words on it.

Then place the heart chocolate side down on the tip of the pretzel rod that is coated with the Vanilla CANDIQUICK. Make sure that the point of the heart is facing away from the pretzel rod, like pictured.

Place pretzel rob back on parchment paper and repeat with remain hearts and pretzel rods.

Print out the included printable, about 7-8 sheets. I used regular white printer paper for the post, but you could also use white card stock paper.

Cut out each “You Struck Me” strip on the printable, set aside.

Taking one strip at a time, fold in half and using scissors, from the center fold cut on each side of the letter up to the middle of the letter U in STRUCK. Look at diagram for help.

Unfold the strip and press to get a gap.

Slide the side of the pretzel rod not coated in the Vanilla CANDIQUICK about 1-inch through, like pictured.

Set aside and repeat with remaining pretzel rods and strips.

Once completed, you can write to and from on the back of the “You Struck Me” strips.

Then use clear candy bags to cover the chocolate end, like featured below.


Total time about 45-60 minutes from start to finish for all 32 pretzels. Includes time to wrap each pretzel rod.

You Struck Me.docx Valentine’s Printable Valentine s Printable-page-001


  1. says

    These look like something the kids and I would do during Valentine’s Day! I have never seen this idea before. It is “pinned” and ready to be made :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Debbie Barry says

    Sandra, there are so many recipe sites out there, but, yours is the BEST.

    Thank you for making my family happy


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