Chicken Fettuccine Bake

This dish is A Dash of Sanity fan favorite!
We hope you continue to enjoy it and as always we love to hear your twist and takes on this baked dish.

This is the best pasta bake I have ever had and it is because it is so creamy, there is not one dry noodle in this dish. I got this recipe from a dear friend, work out buddy, Hilarie and her girls, Gabbie (4 years) and Izabella (7 years) are a part of our family, basically coming to my home daycare since they were born. About 3 years ago she told me of the casserole dish, it sounded amazing so of course I asked for the recipe. It was so good but for my family the sun-dried tomatoes were a little strong so the next time I made it I added some parmesan and viola it was an instant (well, second time around) hit. Hope you and your family enjoy it too.

Serve with Artisan Bread Sticks:

Chicken Fettuccine Bake

Prep Time: PT20-25M

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 55 minutes

Yield: 6-8

Chicken Fettuccine Bake

Creamy pasta dish that is easy to put together, bake and serve.


  • ½ lb of fettuccine, boiled to al dente and drained
  • 6 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 can (14.5 ounces) chicken broth
  • ½ cup half-and-half
  • ½ cup grated parmesan
  • 1 ½ cups of cooked chicken, cubed or shredded
  • ½ cup oil packed sun-dried tomatoes, drained and cut into thin strips
  • 2 slices bacon, crisply cooked and crumbled
  • 3 tablespoons shredded Parmesan cheese for topping
  • Note: I double this recipe every time and then set aside a small portion to go dish for a friend that has 2-4 people in their family that may need a quick meal.


Heat oven to 350. Spray baking dish; square 8x8 or oval dish, with cooking spray. Cook pasta as directed and drain.

Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Stir in flour. Gradually stir in broth. Heat to boiling, stirring constantly; remove from heat. Stir in half-and-half and 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese. Stir in chicken, tomatoes and bacon.

Add pasta to chicken mixture; toss gently to mix well. Spoon into baking dish. Sprinkle with 3 tablespoon of parmesan cheese. Bake uncovered about 30 minutes or until hot in the center.

My review: My favorite thing about this “bake” or casserole is that it is so creamy and that unlike a normal pasta dish where the sauce is just on top, this sauce is on every part, of every noodle. SAUCY!

Kids review: When I asked them what their favorite part of the dish was (I knew they liked it because they ate it without crying) the girls screamed in chorus, “the chicken and all the sauce”. Scream in chorus…is not unusual for girls. In fact if you have girls, then you have probably invested in the same ear plugs that I have.


  1. says

    Hey Sandra,
    Stopping by from Pinapalooza to say Hey and just had to say this recipe looks delish and I can’t wait to try it. What’s not to love, chicken (our favorite meat), pasta, and alfredo sauce. Thanks for being thoughtful and sharing the extra dish with your friend. What a blessing. <3 Kim

  2. Cheryl Newton says

    Oh my. This looks dangerously delicious. But I have 1 question. The ingredients list 1/2 cup grated parmesan and 3 tablespoons shredded parmesan. Do they both get sprinkled on before baking? Thanks!

    • Sandra says

      It is so good! I just updated the recipe, add the 1/2 cup when you add the half and half, then top with the remaining 3 tablespoons on top. Enjoy!! xoxo San

  3. Jessica Plante says

    I made this tonight it was so delicious! Thank you for sharing. We all loved it my 19 month old ate 2 helpings. My husband said it tasted just like Olive Garden!

    • Sandra says

      Hearing things like this make me so delighted, thank you for your feed back and sharing. I am so happy your family enjoyed it! xoxo San

  4. says

    Hello ! I’m reading you from Switzerland :) I just discovered you on Pinterest ! Your recipe looks very good, but I do not know what is “half-and-half” ??? Thanks for your answer !!!

    • Sandra says

      Welcome!!! My sister just married a Swiss (well actually 3 years ago now…that flew)! So I automatically welcome you to the family. 😉 Anyway, 1/2 and 1/2 is basically half heavy cream and half milk, so if a recipe calls for 1 cup of 1/2 and 1/2 – then do a half of a cup milk and half of a cup heavy cream. Let me know if you have any other questions. xoxo San

    • Budsta says

      I just googled it!

      “Half and half” is a mixture of half heavy cream and half whole milk that is commonly found in the US. Heavy cream has a fat percentage of about 35% and that concentration of fat is what helps stabilize it when you whip it into whipped cream. Half and half has a fat percentage around 12% and, although much thicker and creamier than milk, it will not whip up into fluffy whipped cream like heavy cream will.

  5. says

    Hi Sandra,

    Does this ever look yummy! Any recipe with cream in the ingredients has to be! Bookmarking this for sure!
    Found you at Not Just A Housewife.

    Val @

  6. says

    This looks wonderful! I love baked pasta dishes, I love how easy they are to throw together, and we ALWAYS have leftovers! :) I’m always looking for new ways to make them, thanks for sharing! :)

    • Sandra says

      I cook the chicken first. You can grill it or sauté it in a pan. I think that adds more flavor rather than boiling. xoxo San

  7. Melissa says

    This recipe reads and looks lovely, I can’t wait to bake it. May I ask is the ‘chicken broth’ chicken stock or chicken soup?

  8. Jessy says

    My cousin shared this from your FB page and I made it today. I was snowed in and didn’t have bacon, so I just threw it a bit of salt in it’s place. I added a touch of garlic powder and Italian seasoning to the sauce, but other than that prepared it the way it was written. Honestly I was a little skeptical because it seemed too simple and I was afraid it wouldn’t have enough flavor. Just wanted to let you know I’m sorry for doubting you, it was DELICIOUS! I’ll be adding it to our monthly menu. Thank you!

    • Sandra says

      I am so happy you tried it and loved it. I am posting one tomorrow that I am sure you will enjoy too, I will send it your way! Thanks for the feed back you made my night!

  9. says

    This was seriously so good! My hubby and kids loved it too! I actually made this one night with intentions to serve it for dinner but no one was really hungry after snacking all day so we just covered it with foil and reheated it for lunch the next day, and the next day. It made the list of regular rotation meals!

  10. Evelyn says

    Wondered if anyone has ever tried without sundried tomatos? Don’t ever eat them so not sure what kind of taste they add or will it be missed?

    • Sandra says

      Evelyn, I think they would be missed but I love them, I think that it adds some flavor. But on that note if you are not a fan you could do lots of others things, add some garlic, some Italian seasoning (we have done this and love it, and other people have commented they have done this too) or add more cheese and a dash of salt or even fresh tomatoes to add some color. Hope this helps. xoxo San

    • Raisehell says

      I made this tonight for a dinner party. I needed an easy main dish since I worked all day and had just 90 minutes to get everything ready. This was perfect. I tripled the recipe and it made two 9×13 pans. I boiled the chicken in chicken stock and then used the stock for the recipe. I omitted the sundried tomatoes and added broccoli. I also broiled it at the very end to add a little brown to the cheese on top. I loved that the sauce isn’t overwhelming and heavy like an Alfredo can be. Everyone loved this. I think I will try and add a sautéed onion next time. Thanks for a great recipe!

    • Lisa says

      I tried this tonight and it was a hit! It sounded so good but was a little nervous because often alfredo sauce is too heavy without enough depth of flavor. I used the same saucepan to make the sauce that I cooked the bacon in, removing most of the fat before adding the butter. When the sauce was done I thought, huh, cream of bacon soup? Might be on to something. I wondered, have you ever added spinach? If someone was to try, when do you think it would be a good time? Saute with the butter or just throw it in the sauce?

      • Sandra says

        Lisa – So happy you enjoyed it!!! It is great with spinach. I have done this before I added it with the sauce and it was perfect, cooked down in the oven. I used fresh and not canned, mushrooms are also a great addition too! Can’t wait to hear what you try next time, it is a great “bake” because you can make it your own and change one little thing every time. I too never feel like this sauce is too heavy…maybe that is a bad thing though as my portions seems little bigger for that reason. xoxo San

  11. says

    I would love to make this! Wish the number of servings would be included in the information. I cook for family gatherings and need to know so I can adjust the amounts. I signed up to receive your emails!

    • Sandra says

      Rena – Welcome!!! So happy to have you here. This serves my family, 7 but take into consideration that 5 of those are kids. But they do eat adult portions. So I would put the portion of this 6. I hope this helps and now that you mention it, this is something I will be adding from now on (serving size). Thanks! xoxo San

  12. says

    I tried this recipe yesterday and my family absolutely loved it! I love Chicken Fettuccine and have tried to make it before. The past recipe seemed to have a lot of ingredients and turned out dry. This recipe was easy to make and I loved the creamy texture of the dish. It will definitely be a keeper in our family. Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe!

    • Sandra says

      LOL! Doesn’t matter the time of day, I can always eat the whole pan then just go for a 5 mile run after. xo San

  13. Rachael says

    Have you ever tried freezing this? Wondering how it would hold up if I made a double batch and froze one for later.

    • Sandra says

      Rachael – I did do that once for a friend but it was only a week later. And it was still great. Hope this is kinda helpful. xo San

  14. danielle says

    I made this dish last night and I absolutely loved it. There is enough to last us for quite a few days. Thank you!

    • Sandra says

      Michelle – Sorry I am just getting back to you, but yes you can totally substitute that! Let me know how it turns out. xo San

  15. Joann says

    I just the “bake” and looks delicious. I was wandering if you could use a rotisserie chicken for this? Thanks so much and can’t wait to try this. :)

  16. Joann says

    I just saw the “bake” and looks delicious. I was wandering if you could use a rotisserie chicken for this? Thanks so much and can’t wait to try this. :)

    • Sandra says

      Joann – Sorry I am so late getting back to you but yes, that would work and taste wonderfully! Let me know how it turns out! xo San

  17. says

    This looks tasty. Would like to add some veggies to it and decrease the butter and substitute milk for cream. Will definitely marinate and pan cook chicken prior to adding. Check out Bessies Zesty Chicken on AllRecipies. Drastically reduce amount of olive oil and add lemon juice – about a 1/4 cup. Very tasty. I pan cook it until it browns up and then finish it in the oven until fully cooked. I find that this technique really preserves the moisture and tenderness of the chicken.

  18. Zoojem says

    Thank you for posting this. I made this last night with a few changes. I added some onion and used roma tomato instead od sun-dried. I did not have half & half or broth but used substitutions for each, forgot to add the bacon, and I added a bit of shredded Italian cheese on the top. It was delicious! Usually when I try and make “new” things, my other half always finds something that he thinks is missing or could change. Not this dish! It was a hit and no changes are needed. Thanks again!

  19. Kelly says

    It’s a hit! I found this on Pinterest, and the kids really enjoyed the creamy/cheesy flavor. I added a head of spinach and extra garlic; I also drained a can of diced tomatoes (didn’t have sundried). Still very good. Thanks much!

    • Sandra says

      So happy you loved it. You can do so many things with this base and that is what makes it wonderful! I have a few other recipes on here, be sure to check them out. Just as easy and delicious! Under pasta category! Come back soon! XO San

  20. Cindy Evans says

    Very saucy indeed! Used fresh pasta instead of dried – need to increase amount next time. Added chopped oven roasted grape tomatoes in lieu of sun dried. May consider cutting back a little on the butter next time, especially since the oven roasted tomatoes were drizzled with olive oil. This is definitely a keeper in our house.

  21. PattyCake says

    I doubled this recipe then split the sauce and noodles to make a vegetarian portion for my daughter. (I used veggie broth) I didn’t have enough tomatoes to stretch to both dishes so I put spinach in hers and she said it was great! I also used leftover grilled chicken. I will definitely make this again. I think I am going to add artichokes next time as they play well with sun-dried tomatoes!

  22. Jen says

    I’ll just be honest- I pin. I pin a LOT! Tons of pins, lots of different boards….and sometimes I actually get around to trying and crafting a few of them! What a pleasant surprise to find this recipe. It has become a STAPLE at our house. No joke! In fact, it’s in the oven now. Which, of course, is what prompted me to sit down and write this message to you. I don’t often feel the need to sit down and pen a note to each originator of every pin I complete, but its just THAT good. We have refined it, because we like a little garlic in ours. And we also leave out the bacon…. but, I really just wanted to say thank you! It takes a lot to make my family happy, and I love having just one more meal variation that everyone enjoys! (We have some picky eaters on our hands!)

    • Sandra says

      Jen thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and write me, it made my coming home from vacation a good one!!! XO San

  23. Shana says

    I just made this tonight. Delicious! This is a great base recipe for any kind of baked alfredo. I like that it is moist throughout. Nothing worse than putting a creamy dish together only to have it come out of the oven dry and oily. Thinking I’ll use shorter noodles (penne maybe?) And healthy it up a bit using 2% milk, and whole wheat pasta. Could add broccoli, and skip the bacon. The possibilities are endless.

    • Sandra says

      Thanks Shana – it is the perfect base! And you are so spot on the possibilities are endless, so happy your family loves it. I have also made this with 1% milk and it turned out fine, just a little more runny if that makes sense. xo San

  24. says

    I think this is going to be on our dinner menu soon, if not this weekend. I love that it’s baked after you cook it. I haven’t done that before.

  25. says

    It sounds like a perfect recipe to me, it’s got all the ingredients I love and it’s really easy to make. I’m always short on time and a recipe like that helps a lot.

  26. says

    It looks mouth watering. I want to try this dish. i think my picky husband and kids will like this. The ingredient sounds easy to find. Thanks for sharing this recipe

  27. Jacquie says

    I just made this for my family. I had to make some substitutions with the ingredients I had on hand but this came out SOOO good!! This is a keeper for me – thank you for sharing your recipe!

  28. Craig says

    I substituted the sun dried tomatoes this time with a couple dabs of sun dried tomato pesto. It added a layer of flavor that the original recipe didn’t have. It was really good either way, but I will continue to use the pesto.

  29. Diane says

    I’ve made this recipe many times – it’s one of my family’s favorite pasta dishes! Thanks for posting this delicious recipe:)

  30. says

    YUM. This looks so good. I have trouble when I add cheese to bechemel with it separating, this looks so creamy. I will try it out this weekend with the kids!!!

  31. brian says

    Ok for all of the retards that want to turn chicken fettuccine Alfredo into marinara……you are stupid and you aren’t eating the same dish …….dorks!!!!! Good recipe and don’t need to change much. I added a bit of minced garlic and it was an amazing add to it

  32. Miley says

    i stumbled upon this recipe in pinterest and just finished making this dish and OMG!!!! Sooo good! Definitely a keeper!

  33. Amanda says

    Hello I am planning on making this and freezing it and had a few questions. First do I cook all the way than freeze? Second do I defrost then reheat when ready to cook or just stick directly in the oven? Lastly, how long did you reheat it for? Thanks!

    • Sandra says

      Amanda – So, yes do cook all the way and freeze. You can leave the top layer off if you want but everything else, just do as directed. When I freeze, I first top it with wax paper, then foil, so that way if the foil rips or something there is that extra layer and it doesn’t stick to the noodles or topping. You can do two things, defrost for an hour or two, this is what my mom always did with her dishes, or you can stick it straight in the oven. Just make sure to take off the wax paper. Cover with foil and let it back for 30-45 minutes, then remove foil, check the pasta, I just stick my finger in it, then bake another 15-20 minutes or until heated through. I hope this helps! xo San

  34. Daphne says

    I love your recipe, it is delicious. I am having a dinner party and was wondering how far in advance I could prepare this? I would like to put it all together put in the fridge and then take out and bake. I really don’t want to freeze it. Thanks for your help.

  35. M.J. Jacobsen says

    Just found this recipe on Facebook. Had everything for it except the tomatoes, so subbed in artichokes and some mushrooms. I had fresh fettuccine so I didn’t cook it first, just added to the mixture. Can’t wait to try it tonight! Thanks for the recipe!!

  36. Karen Balsz says

    I had to leave a comment & let you know I found this recipe on Pinterest. I’m so happy I did !! I made it a couple of weeks ago & my husband & I loved it !! I’ve made it again tonight & the smell of it in the oven is driving us crazy. It’s so delicious !! The only thing I changed is adding the chicken. I didn’t do that. I baked a teriyaki chicken with honey. The two are so good together. Thanks for this delicious recipe. It really is the creaminess of pasta recipes I’ve tried !!

  37. Gwen Murphy says

    Wondering do you think this wonderful recipe would freeze well even sorta well? I am elderly & don’t do well in the kitchen with “hot” stuff so my daughter cooks for me. We try to stick to recipes that we can freeze i person meals as I am still allowed to use the microwave ha ha. This one looks so good I would sure like to try. Thanks and sure hope to get some feed back.

  38. Ginny Kersten says

    This was soooo delicious. So glad I made it. I will definitely make more of ur dishes, they are the best. Thanks again for posting such a good dish.

  39. Lee-Anne says

    Can someone please tell me what half and half is as i would like to make this but dont understand half and half is

    • Sandra says

      Basically, half and half is half heavy cream and half milk.

      You can substitute half and half with heavy cream is you wish.
      I have never tried while milk, but I imagine it would work as well.

      I hope this helps.


      • Lee-Anne says

        Thank you so very much now I know what it is now i can go and make it tomorrow for dinner thanks heaps

  40. Margaret says

    I have a friend who doesn’t like chicken. Could I use smoked salmon for a substitute for a dinner party. Thank you for your recipe, I will certainly be cooking it for my family.


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